Hammer - internal module to handle HTTP requests


$xml = Hammer::handle($request)

Handles the HTTP request $r. The return value is an XML document to be sent to the caller. This method checks the URL, which must be one of the known and allowed URL's (for this the configuration value urls is checked). All action urls, such as /insert, must have POST data. GET's are only allowed on browser-support URL's, such as / and /xslt.

Depending on the URL, action is taken.

The returned string is always formatted in a very simple way. Separate entries are embedded in <l>. Within entries, fields are named <f0>, <f1> and so on. The document has the root tag <URLresult>, where URI is e.g. search, insert.


This module is for internal use in the HammerServer.


The tamper-resistant server, all used modules, and the documentation were written by Karel Kubat / Copyright (c) 2009 ff. Distributed under GPLV3.