hs-http-d - The HammerServer HTTP Daemon


hs-http-d is the HTTP daemon that uses the HammerServer's server-side modules to provide networked access via the HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is a ``forking daemon'' that accepts connections and services requests.

It should not be invoked directly, but instead, the control script hsctl should be used. The control script makes sure that:

Command-line Syntax

hs-http-d accepts its configuration in the format variable=value in either of two ways:

Just before starting up, hs-http-d prints its process ID on stdout. The invoker may pick this up and e.g., store it in a PID stamp file (this is exactly what hsctl does).

Stopping the Daemon

Sending one of the signals SIGHUP SIGINT SIGQUIT SIGTERM SIGSTOP SIGUSR1 SIGUSR2 requests a ``graceful shutdown''. Underway requests are serviced, but no new connections are accepted.

Normally hs-http-d is stopped using hsctl stop, and it's not necessary to kill the process ``by hand''.


The tamper-resistant server, the HTTP daemon, all tooling, and the documentation were written by Karel Kubat / Copyright (c) 2009 ff. Distributed under GPLV3.