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I've been dragging around my cookies collection with me for ages. Just to show a witty remark during logins on my Unix boxes, but also to have an ever-changing signature below my e-mails.

Strange thing is, that I've noticed that people often read my mails, while they skip other's. The reason can't be that I would write more interesting stuff. The only explanation that I can think of, is that people open my mails to see the next nerdish remark at the bottom.. And of course.. if you have a nice collection that would fit into this, let me know!

If you're interested..

A Unix cookie program

A cookie at login

To liven up your login on Unix boxes, edit your profile, which is something like ~/.profile, or a system-wide profile in /etc. Add the following line:

test -t 0 && /usr/local/bin/cookie

The test looks whether stdin is attached to a tty. If so, /usr/local/bin/cookie is run. Tests to see whether a login is a true interactive session differ by the shell you use, see your man pages for more information.

A cookie as part of your mail signature

If you want to have a cookie as a part of your mail signature, then first of all, start with a small script ~/bin/echosig. The purpose of that script is to echo your mail signature. The script might look as follows:

echo '--'
echo 'Your Name <>
/usr/local/bin/cookie -S3

Now the next steps will depend on what mail agent you're using: