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Karel as an adult


fch is the first workable program that I ever wrote. It must've been somewhere around 1984 (yes, the Dark Ages, I know) on an IBM-PC clone with DOS and a C compiler.

I used to do a lot of C programming back then, and fortunately some things don't change over time. Anyway, I would sometimes need to change "string one" into "string two" in loads of files. Enter fch, the "interactive file changer".

Over the years fch learned to understand regular expressions, learned to do "termio" on Unix, and other niceties. But basically it just does the following: it scans files, and when it encounters a "search string" it will ask you what to do: change it into the "replacement string" or not. Optionally it will leave back up files and so on.

I'm sure that there are many tools around that can do this too. Probably Emacs has a mode for it. But hey - I wouldn't remove my first useful program, would I?

If you're interested, it's packaged here in source form as fch.tar.gz. Building instructions: unpack, hit make.